jeudi 8 novembre 2007

Sushi au poil (ou Surf & Turf)

Salut tout le monde, je sais que ça fait longtemps que j'ai rajouté quelque chose, mais jétais pas mal occupé....pour vrai!

Anyways, c'est d'autres sketchs pour mon projet ultra-secret. C'est surtout pour montrer à mes co-équipiers qui veulent rester dans l'anonymat. Donc, Gilles et Pascuale, vous êtes en sécurité avec moi.

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Good Day To You Sir!

I would like to ask for a request if I may! Would you be able to provide me a download of La Nuée Des Diables? Please and Thank You!

I would be more than happy to create a full walk-through of La Nuée Des Diables and credit you appropriately for providing La Nuée Des Diables.

I have seen this modification was available years ago, but I must have missed it. I would very much like to add this modification to my collection. I also found that you were it's designer when I came across an old channel that belonged to you.

My YouTube channel is under the handle TheMegatonBomb here is a link as well. As you can see I have covered a large portion of Half-Life 2 modifications already.

Best Regards, TheMegatonBomb.

Anonyme a dit…

I am sorry to send message here I was not able to contact you otherwise.